USA: Algerian Pr Melikechi reaches a record in the scientific sphere

It is one of the flagship monuments of scientific research. Professor Nourredine Melikchi needs no introduction. The Algerian physicist has just been rewarded with another consecration which adds to all of his already recognized prowess.

Indeed, in addition to awards and other recognition within the scientific community, the Holy Grail for a researcher is the citation of his works in various researches. For Professor Nourredine Melikchi, the milestone of citations has exceeded the symbolic bar of 10,000 times.

A proof of the importance of the work of the Algerian NASA researcher. For this record figure, the UML Kennedy College of Sciences, whose dean is none other than our physicist from Thénia, Nourredine Melikchi in this case, celebrated the accomplishment that its dean has just achieved.

“Congratulations to our dean, Noureddine Melikechi, who has just achieved, and even exceeded, 10,000 citations (more precisely 10,017). A remarkable achievement that testifies to the impact of his work on science. reads on the college’s Twitter account.

Nourredine Melikchi: the career of the Algerian from NASA

The prolific path of NASA physicist Nourredine Melikchi began in his native land. In Algeria, he obtained his first university degree in 1980.

Cultivating her passion for science, Melikchi received a scholarship to continue her training abroad. A first step that will be enough for him to enter the upper echelons of science. In 1987, the Algerian was awarded the title of Professor at the University of Sussex, in the United Kingdom.

A title that adds to its already increasingly well-known name. After a brief return to Algeria, Professor Melikchi takes off and joins the new world, the United States.

In the land of Uncle Sam, Nourredine Melikchi specializes in quantum optics. A specialty that will allow him to solidify his reputation as a renowned researcher.

USA: Algerian Pr Melikechi reaches a record in the scientific sphere


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