STEAM: The new Steam mobile app is now available!

We have revamped the Steam Mobile application from the ground up, it now has a new infrastructure, new features and a renewed look. In addition to the features already present (browse the store, generate Steam Guard codes, confirm trades), the app now offers login with a QR code, improved notifications, customizable tabs, and a redesigned library that allows downloads to distance.

The mobile app is the best way to secure your account with the two-factor authenticator. It builds on security updates to the Steam platform, in particular new login methods for browsers and the Steam client.

Find it in the app

  • A two-factor authentication system so that no one else has access to your account.
  • QR Code Login: Scan a QR code to login to Steam instead of entering your password.
  • Login Confirmations: Confirm your logins to Steam with a tap on the screen.
  • A list of authorized devices: Manage access to devices your account has logged into.
  • Easy access to store, community, news and more, wherever you are.
  • Your library, with access to your game content, discussions, guides, support site and more.
  • The ability to remotely download your games and updates to your PC from your phone.
  • Customizable Steam notifications, whether for wishlist, comments, trades, chats, contact requests and more.
  • Exchange and sale confirmations on the market, so that your items do not leave your inventory without your agreement.
  • Improved store navigation for mobile devices.
  • Support for multiple Steam accounts from within the app.
  • Customizable tabs.
  • La connexion par code QR : scannez un code QR pour vous connecter à Steam au lieu de saisir votre mot de passe.
  • Les confirmations de connexion : confirmez vos connexions à Steam en un geste sur l’écran.
  • Une liste des appareils autorisés : gérez l’accès aux appareils auxquels votre compte s’est connecté.
  • Un accès simplifié au magasin, à la communauté, aux actualités et plus encore, où que vous soyez.
  • Votre bibliothèque, avec un accès aux contenus de vos jeux, aux discussions, aux guides, au site d’assistance et bien plus.
  • La possibilité de télécharger à distance vos jeux et vos mises à jour sur votre PC à partir de votre téléphone.
  • Des notifications Steam personnalisables, que ce soit pour la liste de souhaits, les commentaires, les échanges, les discussions, les demandes de contact et plus encore.
  • Les confirmations d’échange et de mise en vente sur le marché, afin que vos items ne quittent pas votre inventaire sans votre accord.
  • Une navigation du magasin améliorée pour les appareils mobiles.
  • La prise en charge de plusieurs comptes Steam depuis l’application.
  • Des onglets personnalisables.

Where to download the app? The app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also download the app’s APK file. Click here for more information on Steam’s 3 apps (Steam Link, Steam Chat, and Steam).

QR Code LoginThe new mobile app adds QR Code Login, which allows you to login to Steam without typing your account name or password. This method uses the two-factor authenticator credentials that are saved in the mobile app: Steam authentication is then done through your mobile phone.

When this method is used, the mobile app displays a confirmation page with information about the connection attempt, including a map and the approximate location of the device trying to connect. This information allows you to verify that you are indeed the originator of the connection attempt, so that you can approve or deny it, all from the Steam mobile app. This is the advantage of two-factor authentication: even if your password is leaked, you can still deny attempts to access your account.

Don’t want to use your camera? Even if you want to continue using your account name and password to log in, you will still be able to use the mobile app to confirm your login without needing to enter a Steam Guard code. Of course, if you need to enter a code (for example, if your phone has no network), this is still possible.

Forgot to sign out of Steam on another computer? The new “Authorized Devices” page in the Steam mobile app allows you to see which devices your account is logged into and when the device in question last used your account, and you can revoke access if needed.

What about the Steam Chat app? The Steam Chat app has also been updated to fix various bugs. The new version is available today on Android. It will arrive very soon on iOS. This app offers the same chat functionality as in the Steam client: it supports multimedia and embedded content, GIFs, Steam emoticons and stickers, and more. Stay in touch with your groups and contacts, even when you’re away from your PC.

What’s next?

  • QR code login will be added to Steam Deck.
  • New types of notifications are planned.
  • You will soon be able to see the list of authorized devices from the Steam client and your browser.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the beta for sharing their thoughts. We can’t wait for you to try the app. Please let us know what you think!

More info : Steam client Update

New Steam Sign In UI

  • Now enabled for all users
  • QR Code sign in now available
  • Read this announcement for more details

Sign In UI bug fixes

  • Fixed username and password fields flashing briefly at the end of a successful sign in
  • Fixed automated login with credentials provided on the command line
  • Fixed Steam Guard code input accepting and potentially submitting with invalid characters
  • Fixed confirmation-based mobile sign-ins not successfully approving login when client asked for Steam Guard code instead
  • Added explicit messaging for failures related to too many retries

STEAM: The new Steam mobile app is now available!


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