No more room in hell (Steam) – Beta 1.08 is out

1.08 is out (Server owners go update)

After 30 years Patch 1.08 is out, changelog is listed below. Further details on 1.08 are listed here

And remember, if you find anything that’s wrong with our game, please submit it to our GitHub page[] or our email at [email protected]



  • Added 3 new player models; Roje, Butcher, and Badass
  • Added NPC Lag Compensation (sv_unlag_npcs)
  • Added initial support for difficulty levels (sv_difficulty classic is classic/normal, sv_difficulty casual is casual)
  • Added an optional proximity based spawning system (think Halo 1)
  • Added option to disable HTML motds (ads for example) in in multiplayer advanced options.
  • Fixed various text files relating to MOTDs and map cycles.
  • Added nmo_zephyr
  • Added nmo_cleopas
  • Added nmo_brooklyn
  • Added nms_midwest
  • Updated nmo_junction
  • Added a new firearm, the FN FAL
  • Increased stamina cost for Leadpipe from 10 to 13,matching the machete.
  • Reduced weight for Leadpipe from 250 to 200.
  • Added a certain ability that will protect your friends from your advanced infected state
  • Changed version number to 1.08.0
  • Completely redid the M16A4 ACOG RT scope behavior,now fading out when on hip,and fading in when aiming
  • Renamed the MP5A3 to the MP5A4,matching the correct real life model (console command is still fa_mp5a3,so the maps do not break)
  • Reduced maglite weight from 150 to 100.
  • Increased Baseball Bat weight from 100 to 200.
  • Increased Maglite headshot damage from 113 to 125


  • Added support for female voice sets
  • Added “Chippants” voice set
  • Added “Pugman” voice set
  • Added various new ambient/tension music files from ThoughT to the Dynamic Music System
  • Updated sound effects for various firearms (M16A4, shotguns, etc.)
  • Fixed some voice-over problems for mag/load counts and magchecking on some of the firearms.
  • Added new sound effect for nuke
  • Replaced ammo pickup sound
  • Updated ambient rain sound
  • Fixed some voice-over problems for mag/load counts and magchecking on some of the firearms.


  • Added a ♥♥♥♥ ton of props for various new upcoming maps, both in 1.08 and for future patches
  • Added a lot of animations for a certain new action
  • Redone the forward sights for the Ruger 10/22
  • Added “Badass” Character Model + Zombie Model
  • Added “Butcher” Character Model + Zombie Model
  • Added “Roje” Character Model + Zombie Model
  • Shader & Texture adjustments for Player and Zombie models
  • New bolt animation for the JAE-700 on shoot and reload empty.
  • Fixed shotgun empty reloading missing sequences.
  • Minor animation updates to the following firearms/melees: M9,Glock 17,686,Hatchet,FUBAR,E-tool,SKS,CZ858,M16A4,Ruger 10/22,SV-10,Maglite,Shovel,Winchester 1892.
  • Rerendered chinatown skybox textures (LDR/HDR)
  • Added new skybox textures for Midwest
  • Fixed Fireaxe world model floating in third person
  • Fixed M67 Grenade world model having the lever and pin invisible when not used,and vice versa when used and thrown


  • Added a new Objective level with a focus on scavenging, Cleopas
  • Added a new Objective level with a focus on different objective paths, Brooklyn
  • Added a new Objective level, created by community mapper billionlioe, Zephyr
  • Added a new Survival level, created by community mapper billionlioe, Midwest
  • Updated Junction

nmo_junction Specific Changes

  • Alley way door explosion objective can now harm NPCs.
  • Added several new props.
  • Fixed clipping frame on door near extraction tunnel.
  • Changed the position of a door in the apartments where players could get stuck if both doors were opened in the same direction.
  • Brightness of the lights in the sewer tunnels increased by 35%.
  • General improvement to lighting in the level.
  • Other general improvements.


So 1.08 is set is planned to come out later tonight if testing goes well. For those of you who can’t wait a few hours we have a beta branch live up on steam which you can find out how to access here.

While you wait we’ve compiled a list of a few features you can expect to see with this update.

  • New Official Maps

We’ve had a number of requests for new objective maps so for this update we’ve included 3 brand new objective maps: nmo_Brooklyn, nmo_Cleopas & nmo_Zephyr. Also for those survival mode fans out there we’ve included the survival map nms_Midwest.

  • New Characters

We’re happy to show the three new additions to the NMRiH character family: Butcher, Badass & Roje! It’s been a long time in the making and we still have a few potential characters in the works but those of you who’ve been following us a while know we run on valvetime.

  • New Weapon – FN FAL

Even with the large number of other content features we’ve managed to include a brand new weapon to the game the FN FAL.

  • New Difficulty Modes

Difficulty modes has been on our todo list for a while. Finally we’ve got a new “Casual” mode for players who want a easier play experience with Unlimited respawning and faster/improved respawn token system. We only made one small change to the “Classic Mode” survival game type, which is that respawn tokens persist between waves.

  • New Voice Sets

A very special thanks goes out to Pugman & Chippants of PugmanPlays. They created a two player lets play a little while ago (which you can watch here) and we liked it so much we decided to get in contact with them. Long story short they recorded our two newest voicesets!


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