JAPAN: What we know about the mysterious sphere found on a beach

In Japan, a huge metal sphere 1.5 meters in diameter washed up on Enshu beach, located in the city of Hamamatsu. For the time being, the authorities admit that they have no idea of the nature or the origin of this mysterious object.

Is it a spy balloon or a UFO? Since Tuesday, February 21, a mysterious metal sphere 1.5 meters in diameter, found stranded on the beach of Enshu, arouses the curiosity of the Japanese authorities but also of the inhabitants of the coastal city Hamamatsu.

The first images posted on social networks raised a wave of comments, each going from their theory. For some, it could be a spy balloon like those that have made headlines recently. Others see the trace of a UFO there.

In order not to interfere with searches and keep curious people at a distance, the police have restricted access to a radius of 200 meters.


Even if the authorities do not know anything about its origin, deminers intervened to examine this mysterious ball with X-rays. According to The Guardian, the object is not likely to “explode” since it would be “hollow” inside.

A resident of Hamamtsu explained to the Japanese media NHK that this mysterious ball had been there for a month. “I tried to move it but I couldn’t,” he said.

Without being ruled out, the track of an act of espionage on the part of North Korea or China is not the most privileged at this stage.

The British media indicates that it could simply be a mooring buoy that fell into the sea, due to the presence of two raised handles on the surface of the sphere.

JAPAN: What we know about the mysterious sphere found on a beach


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