Counter Strike 2: the sequel to Steam’s most popular game?

It’s March 2023 and yes, we’re still talking about Counter-Strike! At this very moment, rumors are swirling around the game phenomenon of Valve’s platform. To the delight of the players who are easily more than a million to connect to it every day, it seems that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is about to get a facelift, and we could discover all that very quickly !

The phenomenon game of the Steam platform could get a makeover

Eternal. This is a word that fits like a glove to the very famous Counter-Strike. Even now, the success of the license is not empty, as evidenced by the completely crazy attendance figures of: Global Offensive on the Valve platform. Thanks to this, Steam continues to break attendance records, almost twenty years after the official launch of the online store. Every day, hundreds of thousands of players connect to the platform, and just as many on the latest iteration of what was, at the time, a simple Half-Life mod.

As of this writing, there are over one million players simultaneously connected to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And yet, this is not the maximum amount that we could save on the game. In this regard, the attendance record of CS:GO has recently been pulverized, proof that its popularity is well established. The enthusiasm is intact, and the jubilation is growing stronger. The reason ? Shooter aficionados are currently hanging on Valve’s lips as the platform is reportedly about to offer a whole new version of Counter-Strike. Rumors, peddled a few days ago, continue to grow.

Information about Counter-Strike 2 is growing!

At the very beginning of March, a simple tweet from user @gabefollower set things on fire. Thanks to its findings within the Nvidia driver data, fans discovered that “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe” files were present there, suggesting that Valve may come up with a new project or update instead. enigmatic. Today, the rumors continue to grow with new tweets from user @gabefollower! According to him, Valve is in the process of carrying out tests to carry out the complete migration of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Source 2, the famous latest version of Valve’s engine that we can admire, among other things, thanks to the title Half- Life: Alyx.

Rumor: I’ve got fairly reliable information that Valve has been testing CS:GO on Source 2 with the help of third-party QA companies in the US and EU since at least early December. I can’t confirm this 100%, but it’s decent enough to share.

On top of that, esports journalist Richard Lewis came to add his stone to the building by stating that a new version of Counter-Strike is indeed under development, and we could soon enjoy it. As @gabefollower already mentioned, the game is currently undergoing QA (quality assurance) testing and is getting closer to a release in the form of a beta. According to statements by Richard Lewis, reported by Insider Gaming, the launch of this beta would take place during the month of March, or even April 1 at the latest. However, this is the only information available at the moment, except that it could offer “an improved matchmaking system” with more practical features. Nevertheless, we will therefore have to wait until a speech from Valve which will reveal the characteristics of this “Counter-Strike 2” to fully rejoice in these hallway noises.

Counter Strike 2: the sequel to Steam’s most popular game?


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