Bing Chat: and now you can make it create images (with DALL-E)

Bing Chat becomes a two-in-one content-generating AI with now the ability to create an image from text.

A few users of the preview version of the chatbot can indeed now take advantage of what Microsoft calls the “Bing Image Creator”, powered by another popular OpenAI technology: DALL-E.

Bing Chat also learned to draw

Microsoft is far from done with Bing Chat, which is getting a lot of attention, given its allegedly large following. In order to continue on this path, what better than to integrate one of the most popular AI models in existence? Enter the Bing image creator.

This is supported by an advanced version of DALL-E, another particularly popular OpenAI technology. The tool is currently only accessible by a handful of users of the preview version of Bing Chat, both in its desktop version and in its mobile version, as well as by the Edge browser. Microsoft is also quite proud to indicate that this makes it the first browser equipped with an image-generating AI.

The regulars of DALL-E, Midjourney and others know the music: it will be enough to type a request to see Bing produce an image more or less faithful to the essence of the text in a few seconds. Going through Edge, you will first have to click on the icon dedicated to the image creator, present in a sidebar, or by invoking it in the browser chat.

Bing goes into creative mode

For now, this feature is still only in a kind of beta. It is also only available in the creative mode of Bing Chat. However, Microsoft intends to make this new image creator available to more people over time, and ensure that it is supported by Bing’s “Balanced” and “Accurate” modes.

This is not the only novelty related to images that has arrived on Bing. The “Stories” feature is thus making its debut, aiming to offer a more engaging way to search and interact with the content present on Bing.

In the same idea, the “Knowledge cards” functionality is moving to version 2.0. It is an infographic experience powered by artificial intelligence, which will feed the search for key information and news items to better dig into a given subject. This new version will now accommodate graphs, tables, and other similar elements.

Bing and Bing Chat thus receive a substantial update, and Microsoft does not seem about to stop there in such a good way.

Bing Chat: and now you can make it create images (with DALL-E)


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