Atari prepares the launch of three new consoles

On the menu: a mini arcade terminal, a mobile console and a new machine to connect to your TV. So happy ?

The return of Atari

A few years ago, Atari thought it could shake up the gaming world again with its Atari VCS, an unlikely blend of vintage and modern. A waste of time for the manufacturer, which would have discreetly stopped production of the latter at the end of 2022, in the face of mediocre sales.

As in The Oak and the Reed,
Atari bends, but does not break (even in the event of a glitch). Thus, the manufacturer announces the upcoming launch of three new machines in collaboration with MyArcade. At this time, no release date has been announced, but pre-orders will be launched “soon”.

Not one, but three “new” machines

Among the consoles to come, there is a mini Atari 50 arcade terminal whose design will have various details that will necessarily delight fans of the firm.

This very small arcade terminal, equipped with a compact screen, a stick and two game buttons, should integrate a selection of emblematic titles from the Atari catalogue. Like a mini Neo Geo Mini terminal, the object will undoubtedly have its small effect once placed on a desk… if not really practical for playing.

A small portable console (Pocket Player) is planned in the range and will again pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the brand.

The whole thing revolves around a small screen, with a steering cross and two main buttons, not to mention an audio port and a USB-C socket for charging. There should be a selection of essential games from the great Atari era.

Finally, the latest project from Atari and MyArcade is a “new” console called Gamestation Plus, to be connected to a screen.

The machine will be accompanied by two “old-fashioned” joysticks, Atari 2600 style, and will have a minimalist design, with just two buttons (relatively unsightly). One will be able to turn on the console, the other will return to the start interface.

We are now waiting to know when these three new Atari licensed consoles will be available. They should (we hope) be offered at a far less prohibitive price than an Atari VCS which we guessed was doomed to failure as soon as it was announced.

Atari prepares the launch of three new consoles


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